Beach Cabins for the summer!

A cozy beach cabin with mesh details and carefully made textures, perfect to give your beach or garden a summer touch! Custom made furniture sets sold apart and available inworld. 
13 Land Impact and modify / copy permissions, it is available in 4 colors:
Blue , Red, Yellow and Green at the inworld store


Noe Wapi's Honolulu House

Today I got an invitation to visit Noe Wapi at his place in Fruit Islands. He got Honolulu House and set it up in an amazing beach cove with a waterfall, what a place! He was kind enough to give me some pictures of his House and what a great guy he was, lots of patience with my requests ! Congratulations on your new Honolulu House, Noe! Nice table too :)

Available at 


Tree Chill Outs for the Spring!

New  6 LI Tree Planters with animations and hanging lamps that turn on / off to set the mood for your garden parties! Check out the collection at the inworld store!


Yoga and Meditation Deck - Mesh

Yoga Deck offers you Inner Peace, a floor cushion with a meditation animation, a Yoga mat with a yoga animation sequence, you can turn the lights on / off and have a cozy warm light on your deck ( from the floor Japanese Lamp and the Hanging Bonsai Lamps), and a zen decor, all for low Land Impact ( 8 LI). Come get your Meditation Deck !