Yoga and Meditation Deck - Mesh

Yoga Deck offers you Inner Peace, a floor cushion with a meditation animation, a Yoga mat with a yoga animation sequence, you can turn the lights on / off and have a cozy warm light on your deck ( from the floor Japanese Lamp and the Hanging Bonsai Lamps), and a zen decor, all for low Land Impact ( 8 LI). Come get your Meditation Deck !



Caribbean DJ Booth - Mesh

Mesh DJ Booth with animation, decor and detailed textures for only 6 land impact!
It includes a vintage record box, record player with DJ animation and lots of fun!

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Grapefruit Texture Collection

 Bahia Tiki has a new fabric collection for your home, 3 sets of vibrant, fresh color for your curtains, cushions or walls! Grapefruit Sets offer 10 custom made textures each, so that you can give your home a new look!


Jane Goodwell's Fidji House

Jane invited me to visit her place at Fruit Islands today, after setting up Bahia Tiki's Fidji House. Her place is paradise: ocean and wave sounds everywhere. Jane made it a cozy tropical retreat with an amazing meditation area in the living room. After bossing her around for a good angle on the picture, I left her to relax in her fantastic home, where she entertains and has friends over to enjoy the atmosphere! Great job, Jane:)

Fidji House available at: