Barbie Legend's Honolulu House at Cohiba Estates

Photo by Astra Hunt

Barbie Legend, owner of Cohiba Estates, asked me to recolor Honolulu House last week, and with her ideas and advice, we decided on the Panama House look: weathered green and warm wood. 
The photos, taken by her friend and SL photographer Astra Hunt, are amazing, and Honolulu Green recolor blends in with the vegetation, just like Barbie wanted. 

Photo by Astra Hunt
Cohiba Estates is a beautiful tropical place that I was lucky to have visited and Barbie did an excellent landscaping work around Honolulu House. Get in touch with her to rent a parcel in paradise!

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New Honolulu House


Honolulu House is a small, beach Cabin, the result of the balance between low land impact and detailed texture and structure.
It has two floors with 3 rooms, a living-room and 3 patios;
Its high ceilings and spacious interior are made for the comfort of avatar camera settings;
Scripted to have your needs in mind, this house can be controlled by accessing a general panel that will allow you ( or your group) to control Light, window privacy, blinds and door security;
Permissions: Modify / Copy ( house appears no modify before being unlinked because of the no mod scripts it contains. Unlink it and the structure will be modify / Copy)
***** LAND IMPACT - 75 ********
Footprint : 20 X 21 meters ( footprint available)

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MARKETPLACE                           SECOND LIFE


Japanese Hot Tub

Soothing water bubbling in the tub and the warmth of the rustic wood against bamboo foliage is a very Zen way to relax. Check out the new Japanese Hot tub, with 4 relaxing animations, realistic water texture, and detailed custom textures !

This set contains:
Bahia Tiki- Japanese Hot Tub 14 LI
Bahia Tiki- Japanese Candle Stool - 4 LI
Bahia Tiki- Japanese Floor Lamp - 1 LI
Bahia Tiki- Bamboo Bonsai - 2 LI

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New Burma House

Burmahouse1Burma House9
New cozy cabin with two patios and fireplace, privacy blinds, fans and detailed Asian Inspired textures;
Footprint : 16 X 24 meters ( footprint available)
Land Impact- 49
Partially Mesh / modify / copy
A.E. Housecontrol System:
Central Controller will give you access to:
- Blinds ( open and close)
- Light ( on / off )
- Fans ( on / off)
- Door ( Lock / Unlock)
You can control your house's access list and who can use the controller menu ( managers list);
This building has a set of Furniture specially made for it,sold apart at the poster outside the house display or in separate sets inside the house;
Burma House4Burma House5
Burma house2Burma House8
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