Cat's Place: Honolulu House

Stevendreamer sent me a folder full of lovely pictures of Cat's place, featuring Bahia Tiki's Honolulu House ( the green version). It looks fantastic! The use of the decks, the water, both the lake in the backyard and the ocean front, and all the detail they put into this setup makes Honolulu house look like the ultimate tropical retreat!

They opened up the space and there's a great Jacuzzi in the corner, and I love their beaded curtain:) Thank you for sharing your place with us, it's inspiring!



Hello Fall! Izadora's Zanzibar House

Izadora sent me pictures of her Zanzibar House in Fall version. I loved the way the house went from a beach cabin to a cozy Fall forest retreat! Izzy landscaped the surroundings with Fall vegetation, giving it an amazing color. Fallen leaves and a wonderful outdoor fireplace transformed her place and made it so inviting! Thank you for sharing your Zanzibar Home with us, Izzy!

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Beach Cabins for the summer!

A cozy beach cabin with mesh details and carefully made textures, perfect to give your beach or garden a summer touch! Custom made furniture sets sold apart and available inworld. 
13 Land Impact and modify / copy permissions, it is available in 4 colors:
Blue , Red, Yellow and Green at the inworld store


Noe Wapi's Honolulu House

Today I got an invitation to visit Noe Wapi at his place in Fruit Islands. He got Honolulu House and set it up in an amazing beach cove with a waterfall, what a place! He was kind enough to give me some pictures of his House and what a great guy he was, lots of patience with my requests ! Congratulations on your new Honolulu House, Noe! Nice table too :)

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